Can't Say Goodbye

Black Shawd

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Tribute song by Black Shawd to his Father that past September 23 2019. Very powerful song, there aren't many songs out like it. Dedicated to all the great fathers, here and passed.

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About My Father

In 2019 the father of artist Black Shawd passed away, artist Black Shawd,

the "baby boy" (son) to this great man. It was such a big loss in the community,

to his family, and anybody that knew his father. 
For all the work that he contributed to the world, he was just a great example of an amazing man. 
Artist Black Shawd with up-and-coming producer

Christopher Agramonte created a tribute song not just for his father,

but for all fathers who are really out here, spreading love, teaching love, and living in love.

Those helping grow young men into men; But not just men, men of God. 
This will be a song for the times.

For anybody hurting and want to remember the great things, these great men taught us.

Let this be that, help with them tears, and bring you joy. 
We don't say goodbye, when we know we'll see them again. 
A powerful song with a powerful message. 
A song that is greatly needed.

I Wanna share a Story

about my father...